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Good morning, everyone!


I want to thank those of you who have been following me on this blog, especially those who may have bookmarked it and checked in regularly.  Your support is much appreciated. 


However, from now on, I'll be blogging at www:// is now connected to this website.  You can access it, as you have before with the former blog, by going to my website home page ( and clicking on the "Blog" link.  Please visit me there for future writing tips, personal news, and updates about my book releases!  I'll look forward to seeing you.

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Free to Love

Great news Everyone!  My reissue of my book Free to Love has gone live on Amazon Kindle yesterday!  This story is near and dear to my heart because the "seed plot" idea was sparked by some happenings involving two very close family members.  Also, as you'll see, this is another romance staged on a beach setting in a fictious town on the Oregon coast.  While this book iincludes all the delcious sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of the seashore, there is also a more serious theme:  rescuing the beaches and marine wildlife from man's mistakes.


One year after Joanna Sullivan’s husband, Kyle, a firefighter, has been killed while battling a house fire, Joanna makes a desperate attempt to start over. She moves to a new town, embarks on a new career at the local coastal aquarium, and attempts to refurbish a dilapidated duplex. Then Austin, her husband’s brother, visits unexpectedly He offers to stay and help her with the much needed repairs.

Joanna soon discovers, however, that Austin’s presence is proving more disturbing than helpful. His resemblance to Kyle is uncanny, thwarting her resolve to put her husband’s memory to rest. Worse, she is strongly attracted to Austin. Austin, a veterinarian, shares Joanna’s love of nature, and the two find much common ground as they team up to help clean up the beaches and save the native birds and wildlife from the encroachment of civilization.

Can Joanna let go of her grief and love Austin in his own right? Or will he always remain the a painful reminder of her late husband?


Here is the buy link at Amazon Kindle:

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Hi everyone,

As many realize by now, there are some big changes happening in the publishing industry!  Recently Avalon Books, the publisher of many of my hardbound books, was purchased by Amazon.  The prices for the books have been greatly reduced on the Amazon website, so if anyone is interested in making a purchase, now is the time to do so.  Also, I'm willing to sell some of my own supply of books at a reduced price, so if you'd rather buy from me directly, please leave me a message with your email in my Guest Book o this website. 


Here is my Author's Page on Amazon where the books are listed:


Have a wonderful weekend an Happy Reading! 

Sydell Voeller

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Her Sister's Keeper

Several years ago when I struck up an interest in amateur astronomy, my passion for that soon became mirrored in some of my books. In the beginning, I took a basic “backyard astronomy” class at a local community college and used my dad’s old binoculars, which weren’t too bad, in terms of their clarity. (I even identified a few of the closer galaxies in them—a thrill for a beginner!) Soon my basic education wasn’t enough to satisfy me, and I joined the Rose City Astronomers here in Portland, Oregon. I purchased“giant” binoculars, specifically intended for stargazing—the kind sold in catalogues for telescopes. And I chose the binoculars instead of a telescope because I loved the flexibility in being able to sweep the skies, as opposed to staying “stuck” in one part of it. 


I also bought astronomy manuals, star charts, and the red-lighted flashlights for reading the charts.  (White light interferes with one’s night vision.) In time, I earned the Messier Binocular Deep Sky award for having identified 100 deep sky objects.  What a thrill! For several years, every summer, my husband and I attended the Star Parties in the high desert of Central Oregon, miles away from the closest town. The night skies there were breathtaking, especially the Milky Way with its myriad of glittering star clusters.The event, attended by several hundred other astronomy enthusiasts, also gave me the opportunity to schmooze with others who shared my passion. 
Well, I could go on, but the point is: I wanted to share my love for astronomy in my books as well, hopefully give my readers a taste of what it’s all about. And so in Her Sister’s Keeper, my most recent book with Books We Love, I’ve created a romantic scene where my heroine Logan R.N. and the sexy pediatrician whom she works with, are camped out together on a mountain hillside while they watch a breathtaking meteor shower. There, far away from city lights—plus the other campers--they ooh and aah at the trails of fiery light streaking through the dark skies. They also share kisses every bit as breathtaking.
After Her Sister’s Keeper, additional books with astronomy scenes followed, plus articles published in national magazines .  And I will continue to portray the splendor of the night skies in my writing—a celestial treasure trove, really—whenever the project seems right for that. 
So, if you’re planning on a writing venture in the near future, take stock of your passions and “write what you know”—even better, write what you love. Your readers will be glad you did—and so will you!
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Today it's my pleasure to introduce Roseanne Dowell, whose delightful book Designed for Love is available on Amazon Kindle. Welcome, Roseanne! 


Designed for Love


Here's the book blurb: 


Fate, kismet, or whatever you want to call it is, it turned Interior Designer, Wendy Seidel’s world upside down. From a chance meeting at the airport to Florida and back to Ohio, she can’t believe the strange circumstances that throw her and Bill Johnson together, after he literally knocks her off her feet at the airport. Will life ever return to normal?  


My take on the book:  Told in the points of view of Bill and Wendy, in first hand accounts, it is really hilarious to know how they were thinking. Taking a lighthearted approach, the author made falling in love fun as in going through a water slide. Wendy and Bill are two easy going, hopeful and sometimes blithe. They take their heart seriously though. So when the stirrings of love began, though avoiding it was hopeless, treading lightly was the only step they could take. An easy read that will put smile to your face.


To read further reviews and buying info, please see Part 2.